The Bangles, Anaheim, CA

These are promotional graphics for a benefit concert in Anaheim, CA featuring the Bangles. The logos and fonts reflect the Art Deco style of the architecture and interior at the venue. I also created a vector illustration of the building in the same retro style to coincide with the old Hollywood theme.



Collective Soul, Chicago, IL

Oticon throws an annual party at the AAA Convention. In 2011 they invited Collective Soul come and perform at the Excalibur club in downtown Chicago. These were a series of 3 concert posters that were displayed in the windows. I also created the event logo that appeared throughout the promotional campaign.



Cheap Trick, San Diego, CA

These were large 3'x4' posters for a concert and benefit event in San Diego, CA featuring Cheap Trick. The graphics were used in a series of promotional materials. I used the band’s logo and checkerboard motif and then simulated a screen-printed concert flyer.



Smashmouth, Orlando, CA

This was promotional artwork for the band Smashmouth. They played a benefit concert at B.B. King's in Orlando, Florida in 2014.



Livestrong Fundraiser

These were a series of type-based flyers created for several Livestrong fundraisers. The events lead up to a concert with a number of live bands including Ingrid Michaelson. I used scanned images to simulate screen-printing and bright colors to stand out. RIP Maxwell's :/

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