Under the Skin/ Above the Noise Podcasts

I had the pleasure of creating not one but two podcast identities for comedian, actor, host, writer, and activist Russell Brand. I did these with the marketing team at Luminary podcasts. Under the Skin is a popular discussion-style show where Russell talks about addiction, our conceptions of reality, pop culture and spirituality with guests like Brene Brown and Ricky Gervais. His previous show tile needed an update so I suggested more of an organic, earthy vibe. We settled on a rich color palette that didn't stray too far from their original show tile but added a little more depth, and some modern, yet inviting, type.  

Above the Noise is a new guided meditation podcast, presented from Russell's unique voice, in brief, 10-minute meditations. Using ancient techniques and some of his own personal practices, Russell offers a path towards moments of peace and awareness. It is meant to be a companion show to UTS so I kept many of the same patterns and textures but with a warmer, more grounded palette. I used these elements to build out a larger brand system for Russell and his team to implement.

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